On the way (english version)

This stage is empty
all spot-lights turned out
the applause has ebbed away
the last visitors are leaving
The guitar repacked
a few words with the lighting technician
turning around once again, itís over
youíll have to walk away soon

When you started then
there was already something clear to you
you would go your own way
you would only play your own repertoire
No songs for every day
not for listening alongside
your lines a message
and even if it was only for a few

Another stage, another bar
one more month, one more year

   On the way - was it ever worth your while ?
  How does it feel to have no home?
  Do you care as long as you are playing?
  On the way - were you captivated by the blues?
  Was this what you wanted right from the start?
  I think Iím sensing what you feel

Even though years are passing
even though things are flowing
even though we are no longer young
I guess the blues will never change
Got myself a job
lost track of my dreams
if I had been more courageous
I might perhaps be on your way

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