On your way (english version)

The last song has faded,
You've been playing them all.
The applause has ebbed away,
The audience is leaving the hall.
You reach for the case,
Your head full of tunes,
Turning around 'cause itís over,
You're going to depart soon.

When you started then,
you already were sure
you'd only write your own songs
you'd perform them on your tour.
No lines for every day,
not for singing along,
your words a message
to those who might appreciate your songs.

Another stage, another bar -
do you believe you're going to be a star?

  On your way - you have been playing all alone,
  How does it feel to have no home?
  Did all your major dreams come true?
  On your way - do you believe in old school blues?
  Was there no doubt that you could lose?
  I guess that's nothing you would do.

Even though years are passing,
even though things have gone,
even though we all grow old
I know the blues will still live on.
Got myself a steady job
locking my dreams away,
if I had been courageous
I might be on your way.

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