Whales (english version)

I watch you surfacing in the waves
From depths unknown
Your giant body dancing as though weightless
Trailing traces of foam across the sea
And then I watch you in a round pool
You seem to turn around a thousand times
A coach is holding a steel ring up to you
And people want to see you jump

I watch you swimming towards the coast-line
Along with your school
In the shallow waters the flood is rolling you ashore
And nothing moves you out of here
Oil slicks have been dulling your perception
Your territories are collapsing
Sonar tests are paralyzing your senses
Diesel noise is silencing your song

   Don’t you know?
   Your doom has been determined long ago
   You are one in a line of other creatures
   Being preyed upon and crushed
   As if their lives had never really been their own
   I ask myself, is this because man feels a hidden grudge
   That amongst all mammals
   Wisdom begins but with the whale
   And we are only cunning?

I watch you drifting in the waves
The ocean turning red
Captain Ahab’s heirs are waging war against you cowardly
With their hi-tech battle ship
For centuries they have been hunting you
You never saw man as an enemy
Your death for ambergris, skin cream, lipstick
Cannot understand this sacrilege

I watch you leaving a wake behind as you swim where your feelings take you
A screaming flock of sea-gulls following your path – to where the oceans touch the sky…